Halocline-still-Osira Verspyck  

Halocline (video)

Two videos for the 2011 exhibition Hell and high water, on the different faces of water.
The video was inspired by the natural phenomenon of the halocline. Extremely simplified, a halocline is the 'meeting' of salt and sweet water.
Something which occurs at estuaries or underground river systems. The sweet water forms the upper water level, the salt water,
with its higher density, the lower. This duality was linked to the different 'faces' of water as well as to the different moods one can be
subjected to, of which one always gets the upper hand. Not just the split screen video images emphasize this, also the sound
of the water plays an important role.

The installation consists of two videos, one shown on a big screen (accompanied by audio), and the other on a small portable
dvd player (without its own audio).








  halocline - osira verspyck